Product Line

Dehumidification Kilns
Drying to 160ºF (72ºC) with Heat Treat and Pitch Set Ability!
(300-4,000BF / 0.7-9.5 m3)
(2,500-35,000 BF/ 6-83m3)
(15,000-300,000 BF / 71-700m3)
Gas Fired Kilns
Efficient and safe, Track or Fork Lift
Available in all sizes
Conventional Kilns
Built to meet your needs. Available in all sizes.
Gas Fired
Hot Water
Steam Heated
Drying Chambers
Rugged and well insulated.
Small & Medium
(4,500-16,000 BF/ 10-38m3)
(15,000-300,000 BF / 71-700m3)
Container Kiln Packages
Container kiln packages or complete systems
40 ft Container
Kiln Equipment
Get a complete system or pick and choose kiln equipment to meet your needs.
A complete line of kiln equipment including Doors, Coils, Fans, Vents, Controls, Spray Systems and more!
Heat Treating
& Firewood Processing
PHT 660
660 pallets per cycle
PHT 350
With or without chamber
PHT Kit or Components

Firewood Processing
Control Systems NSC100
The most advanced control system in the industry
Kiln Drying Control
Firewood Processing Control
Pallet Processing Control

Nyle, A Tradition of Quality and Innovation

When you buy a dry kiln, you are not only buying the equipment but you are also buying the support. At Nyle Systems, support is not just how the equipment works but also is how wood dries, how to dry different species and thicknesses, how do deal with unusual defect or stain, how to handle lumber, how to lay out the operation for maximum efficiency, what system to use for most economical and flexible drying, etc.

Nyle has been designing and building kiln systems for about 37 years. Thousands of Nyle systems are used around the world drying hundreds of species of lumber for use in every conceivable way that lumber is used. In the process, Nyle has developed a great depth of knowledge about drying and treating lumber.

Nyle is most famous for the ground breaking Dehumidification Dry Kiln Systems. Nyle built and patented the first dehumidification systems that allowed kilns to operate at temperatures comparable to conventional kilns. This was a breakthrough and Nyle became the world leader in dehumidification drying, the most economical and energy efficient drying method for most drying applications. Our dehumidification drying systems are easy to install and use, yet they give you the power, precision control, and outstanding reliability you need for optimum drying performance in almost any application. Dehumidification systems use 40% – 60% less energy and give you much lower operating costs.

As the price of natural gas and propane has come down, gas has become a low cost alternative to heat you kiln. That’s why Nyle has developed a range of indirect, gas fired kilns. Our kilns are the best insulated kilns in the industry, reducing heat loss and thus operating costs. Nyle uses indirect fired systems because they have a better safety record and allow for much better quality control.

But Nyle also builds conventional kiln systems that use the latest in technology to provide high quality drying, energy efficiency and quality of construction. We offer hot water heated, steam heated, direct and indirect fired kilns.

Besides dehumidification and conventional lumber drying, Nyle produces state-of-the-art heat treaters for sterilizing lumber, firewood dryers, systems for kiln drying after treatment (KDAT), pre-dryers and systems to control the humidity in lumber warehouses and production facilities.

Nyle builds cost effective systems for kilns ranging from 1,000 board feet (2.5 m3) to 300,000 board feet (700 m3) of holding capacity and more. Nyle support and service is legendary. When you call on Nyle, you are dealing with people who know lumber and drying and have dealt with hundreds of species and systems around the world. No hustle and hassle. Just honest, straightforward information. To answer some of your lumber drying questions, we have prepared a booklet. Call us with your questions and let us show you why we are the world’s number one choice for lumber drying systems.

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