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- Competitively Priced

- Rugged, well-insulated chambers

- Built to last

- Fork-lift loaded kilns

- Track kilns

- Designed with the same standards as our large kilns!

Camden Series Small and Medium Kilns

Now there is a better option!

Nyle, has created a set of competitively priced, easy to assemble kiln packages. They include a chamber with either a dehumidifier that is sized to meet your lumber drying needs; or a gas heating package for safe (indirect gas fired) drying and heat treating. The chambers are all aluminum, well insulated chambers that are rugged and will give you usage for a long time.

Chamber Specifications

Chamber Spec Table

What is the right size Dehumidifier for your chamber?

Matched to one of our L-Series Dehumidifiers they can handle whichever species you are drying, fast drying softwoods to slow drying hardwoods. These well-know dehumidifiers have been among our bestselling products for the past 20 years. They are easy to use and give you precision control over your drying. You can achieve top-quality results with incredible efficiency. For example, if you dry 7,500BF of fast drying Pine, you’d select the 8MBF chamber with the L1200 Dehumidifier, while if you dry 9,500BF of slower drying Oak, you’d use the 10MBF chamber with the L500 Dehumidifier.


Alternatively, the right size Gas Heating System

Outfitted with our indirect fired gas heating packages, you have a chamber that you can use for drying as well as heat treating.
We use indirect fired heating rather than direct fired, for efficiency, more accurate temperature control, and safety. Gas has become a low cost alternative to heat your kiln. In some areas with high electric rates even more economical than our DH kilns. What is the most economical kiln will depend on the price and availability of natural gas and electric at your location.

Notes: Drying times are based on 4/4 lumber. For more detail on the L-Series Dehumidifiers, see our L-series Spec Sheets.

What do I need to build one?

The chambers are semi-assembled packages that can be easily erected on your site. You’ll need a concrete pad and we will supply plans for that. All the equipment (dehumidifier or gas heating system; doors, fan truss, vents, etc.) is preassembled. Depending on the size of the chamber, you’ll need a two-three man crew for about 5 days to put together the frame, wall and roof panels and install the equipment. The crew will need a fork lift and a scissor lift. We can help with the assembly if desired.

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