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The most advanced kiln control available

- Controls for any brand kiln; Nyle or other

- Retro-Fit Solutions Available

- Color Touch Screen Interface

- Web Based Control

- No Computer Required!

- Multiple Configuration Options

- Upgrade packages for heat treating and more!



NSC100 Advanced Control System

Nyle has taken its 37 years of experience in the industry and created a control system that is transforming how kiln operators interact with their kiln. We set out with two goals in mind; increase productivity and make the control easy to use.

The NSC100 control allows kiln operators to dry their lumber using the drying method of their choice, set an automated schedule and monitor or control the chamber from their cell phone if they wish.

For Any Dry Kiln, New or Retrofit

This control comes standard on Nyle’s larger kilns giving our products the most advanced control on the market and as a plus package on the L300, L500 and L1200.
The NSC100 is also available as a retrofit control box for existing Nyle or any other dry kiln systems from any other vendor.

Color Touch Screen Interface

The NSC100 advanced control system uses a color touch screen control as the main interface for operating the kiln chamber. The HMI touch screen is capable of performing all kiln operations including managing schedules, setting up data logs, reading trends, setting kiln mode types, monitoring status and more. Our touch screens are mounted right to the control panel for each kiln.

Web Based Control

The NSC100 advanced control offers a state of the art web server control. Kiln operators can use the built in web server to monitor all kiln conditions on any device that is connected to the local area network. Connections are made easy with standard Cat5 wiring connections at each control. The web server can also be accessed via the web on cell phones, tablets or home computers.

No Computer Required!

The NSC100 controller doesn’t require a computer for data logging or control! We are doing away with this point of failure and concern. The NSC100 data logs are stored entirely within the PLC. Any device connected to the same local area network can access the data files and send them to a printer. Now, if your computer dies, you can still dry your lumber without having to call in the geek squad!

Configuration Options

Standard Package Total Control Upgrade Heat Treating Upgrade MC% Upgrade
  • Color touch screen
  • Built-in data logging
  • Schedule control
  • Multiple modes of drying
  • Web server for remote access via LAN or mobile phone
  • Additional upgrade packages available!
  • Industrial grade network equipment for connecting all of your kilns
  • Secure locking cabinet
  • Tablet control
  • Wireless access point
  • Printer for printing out trends
  • All-in-one solution for kiln operators to increase productivity while operating multiple kilns
  • Works with unlimited number of kilns
  • 4 Additional Temp Probes
  • Automatic recording during a cycle
  • Control set-points and climate during heat treating cycle
  • Automatically turn off the equipment when heat treating has been completed.
  • Works with Firewood, Pallets, and more!
  • 4 Moisture Probes
  • Can be used with Wood, Paper core and more!
  • Automatic recording during a cycle
  • Calculate average moisture content for readings in the chamber.
  • Works with schedule control in standard package for step-by-step changes

Single Purpose Control Boxes

We offer a number of standalone control box packages as well, including a Kiln Drying Control, Firewood Processing Control, and a Pallet Processing Control. All are developed based on the Nyle principles that they need to be reliable, durable and easy to use. Each box is wired with two completely isolated relay board that protect the logic controller while in use.

All three boxes in this line are capable of data recording and running your existing kilns. A computer is required to retrieve the recorded data from the included SD card. Any computer will do and the best part is the software is completely free!

KPC -100: Kiln Drying Control Box with 8 relay outputs to control your kiln and dry lumber. Includes preprogrammed operation for heat, refrigeration, humidification, exhaust, and overhead fans. Drying data from each cycle is saved onto a memory card as a graph.  The memory card can be removed and inserted into a computer to retrieve cycle information.

FPC-100: Firewood Processing Control monitors 3 wood probes and 1 air temperature probe to control operation of your firewood kiln and record monitored points during the cycle. Relays are designed to call for heat, exhaust, fans and automatically stop the cycle when the process has been completed. The FPC-100 stores each graph and log file on a memory card that can be downloaded into a computer.

PPC-100: Pallet Processing control for Heat Treating Pallets. Comes preprogrammed with software to monitor and record 3 wood temperature probes and 1 air temperature probe. The PPC-100 control will call for heat, fans, and exhaust and automatically terminates the cycle when completed. Charts and log files are stored on a memory card and can be downloaded into a computer.




Nyle’s control systems are reliable, easy to use and range from basic to state-of-the-art web based. All are developed and supported by the Nyle Team.

When you are buying a Nyle Control, you are not only buying the equipment but also the support. Support for us not only means how the equipment works but also how wood dries.