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Nyle can supply either a turn-key solution or you can pick and choose the equipment to build your own kiln.

- Hot Water Heated
- Steam Heated
- Gas Fired (Direct or Indirect)

- Fork Lift Loaded Kilns
- Track Kilns

Our coils come in two grades: Better and Best! You choose what works best for your needs.

All our systems come with the famed Nyle support!

Conventional Kilns

In the past 37 years, Nyle has built thousands of kilns, installed around the world literally on every continent except Antarctica. Throughout that time we have developed deep experience in drying all kinds of lumber. We continue to use that experience to make our kilns longer lasting and easier to use than any in the industry. Our kilns and support are far out in front in kiln drying technology!

Whether you are thinking about starting a kiln operation or an expansion, for the best in conventional kilns, call on Nyle. We can help you review how to dry different species and thicknesses, how to handle the lumber, how to lay-out the operation for maximum efficiency, what system to use for most economical and flexible drying, etc.

Whether you are looking for a complete, turn-key dry kiln system of for specific components, you have come to the right address. Nyle is well known for providing custom solutions for our customers. We are not looking sell you as much as possible, we are looking to sell you exactly what you need and to do an excellent job and become your dry kiln supplier for years to come.

Chambers & Equipment

Our conventional kilns can be gas fired, hot water or steam heated. Nyle provides both fork lift loaded and track style chambers. Call us to discuss your needs, decades of experience will assure you get the right kiln for the right price. Click here for more information on our gas fired kilns.

A complete system includes the chamber, coils, fans, vents, doors, controls, spray systems, etc. We can provide you with a complete aluminum chamber including all the equipment and control. Or we can provide you with the blueprints to build your own chamber and we provide you with just the equipment you need. Click here for more information on our chambers and equipment


The coils are a key component to get right. Over the years, Nyle has worked exclusively with a quality coil provider to develop coils that last. Specifically for the lumber industry.

The coils are supplied in two grades: Better and Best. Both types work equally well but the difference is in how the coils are made and how long they last. The Better coils are copper tubes/aluminum fins with aluminum casing and the whole coil is coated with a special corrosion resistant material, greatly extending the life cycle of the coil. We were the first and may still be the only company to use coated coils in kilns. The Best coils are stainless steel tubes, headers and casing with aluminum fins. These are virtually permanent coils.