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Rugged, well-insulated chambers built to last

- Fork-lift loaded kilns
- Track kilns

Kiln Equipment
Nyle can supply all the different components that you might need, including:





-Spray Systems

Large Drying Chambers

Nyle provides kiln chambers for dehumidification (DH), conventional, pallet heat treater, and firewood kilns. The chambers are of rugged structural aluminum construction and very well insulated.

We can provide you with a complete aluminum chamber as described below, including all the equipment and control. Or we can provide you with the blueprints to build your own chamber and we provide you with just the equipment you need.

Chamber Frame

The entire frame of a Nyle provided kiln is aluminum. The frame will be erected on a slab, with a 12” by 12” stub wall. The complete frame will be prefabricated and will not require any field welding. The frame of the kiln includes an all-aluminum fan truss that will have the fans mounted on the truss at the factory. The door lintel is also part of the frame and will be all aluminum.

Exterior Walls

The walls will be made with aluminum pans that hold the insulation with the highest R-value of any board insulation. The wall pans attach to the aluminum columns. The pans are designed so that they will not hold water and will drain any condensation that might occur. The wall system is designed to minimize condensation and maximize insulation. The exterior will be patterned aluminum.


The roof will consist of an aluminum interior, designed to prevent water accumulation. On the interior will be the insulation. The exterior of the roof will be aluminum roofing which will be supplied in such a way to minimize any possibility of leakage. The roof system will be supplied with all appropriate flashing and trim. The roof is typically pitched to the rear.

Fan Truss / Top Baffle System

All the fan housings will be welded into an aluminum truss that will extend the width of the kiln chamber. Panel, frame and baffles will be provided that will extend from the fan truss to the front and back edge of the lumber stacks.

Kiln Equipment

Please see below for the most common equipment and call us to discuss your specific needs.

Nyle KILN DOORS are rugged, reliable and well insulated. They are custom made to fit, whatever size is needed. Nyle produces double swing doors, lift and roll doors and horizontal bifold doors, dependent on your preferences and needs.  All are built in our Maine plant to assure highest quality and reliable fit.

The COILS are a key component to get right to have a system that lasts. Nyle coils come in three grades: Good, Better and Best.  All three work equally well but the difference is in how the coils are made. The Good coils are copper tubes with aluminum fins in aluminum or steel casing. These are low cost and may fit those with a limited budget who will change to a better grade coil in a few years.

Over the years, Nyle has worked exclusively with a quality coil provider to develop coils that last. Specifically for the lumber industry. Both our Better coated copper and Best stainless steel style were developed this way. The Better coils are copper tubes/aluminum fins with aluminum casing and the whole coil is coated with a special corrosion resistant material, greatly extending the life cycle of the coil. We were the first and may still be the only company to use coated coils in kilns. The Best coils are stainless steel tubes, headers and casing with aluminum fins. These are virtually permanent coils.

Nyle FANS use our extended venturi fan housing which optimize fan performance. The motor and propellers can be reversing or non-reversing and are designed to withstand the rugged conditions in a kiln.

Nyle VENTS are aluminum and seal tight when closed with an insulated and gasketed door. The door is opened and closed by either a stainless steel pneumatic operator or a high performance electric actuator.

Nyle CONTROL SYSTEMS are reliable, simple to use and range from basic to state-of-the-art computer based. All are developed and supported by the Nyle Team.

Nyle SPRAY or humidification systems are available for conditioning or stress relief. We have systems based on steam, high pressure water (700 psi) and low pressure water (60-100 psi).