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The HT108 removes 10,800 lbs of water per day

HT Series Systems

Our most popular large size system with hundreds of units sold since 1980

Nyle HT Series Systems are designed for loads of 15,000 to 350,000 bd. ft.

They operate at up to 160°F to match the speed of most conventional kilns.

Easy to use and they give you precision control over your drying.

You can achieve top quality results and short drying times with incredible efficiency.

HT Sales Sheet

VHT Systems

When heat and speed really matter, it is nice to know you can do the job efficiently without boilers or furnaces.

VHT Series units operate over 210°F. Kiln capacity up to 350,000 bd. ft.

Developed by Nyle, the world leader in dehumidification drying technology.

VHT Sales Sheet

Large Dehumidification Dry Kiln Systems

HT Systems

More than thirty years ago, NYLE invented the high temperature dehumidification lumber drying system. Our patented XDH system, a breakthrough in dehumidification drying, constantly monitors and regulates the airflow within the dehumidifier. This for the first time enabled dehumidification kilns to operate at up to 160ºF (72ºC) and match the drying speeds of most conventional kilns as well as allowing easy pitch setting and sterilization, all this with greater energy efficiency than any other system in the world.

In the more than three decades since, NYLE has focused on constant improvement in technology to assure years or reliable and efficient operation. Our kilns come with reliability features such as corrosion resistant aluminum cabinets, dehumidification coils that are specially coated to withstand the acids and harsh atmosphere in a kiln, stainless steel cold coils and tubing, and many other features that make your system last longer and perform better are included in a Nyle system.

Hundreds of units have been sold. NYLE Systems save energy, reduce your capital and operating costs while making drying simple and allowing even inexperienced operators to produce the highest quality lumber and improve yields. All while running the most environmentally green system.

Systems so big they pull almost 20,000 pounds of water daily, but so efficient, your boards dry for only pennies per square foot, that’s the HT Series kilns from Nyle

HT kilns are made to order. Based on your needs, we select a base model and together with you, we specify fans, dehumidifier and vents to suit your lumber, your needs.


Base Model Load Capacity (BF) Example
Pine – Oak
Water Removal lbs/day Operation Costs Estimate* (Kwh) Drying Time Example** Temp Range
HT35 15,000 – 50,000 3,500 Green oak 68% to 6%, approximately 450Kwh per 1,000 board feet 

Green pine 90% to 12%, approximately 350Kwh per 1,000 board feet

4/4 Oak 68% to 6%, 28 days; 


1 inch Pine,     4 –  6 days



All units operate between 80°F and 160°F

HT42 19,000 – 60,000 4,200
HT54 24,000 – 80,000 5,400
HT70 30,000 – 100,000 7,000
HT84 38,000 – 120,000 8,400
HT108 49,000 – 150,000 10,800
HT126 57,000 – 180,000 12,600
HT162 73,000 – 225,000 16,200

*) KWH estimates include compressors, fans and blowers

**) See introduction to kiln drying booklet for more details.

Our systems can fit your chamber or we can build you a new chamber that suits your needs perfectly.  HT Series is all about customizing, about building what works best for you, now and tomorrow.


VHT Systems

Drying dimension stock?  Got a need for speed?  VHT Systems are like HT Series in that they are customized for every order, but they dry hotter and faster. Made in a wide range of sizes to meet every need.

Nyle VHT dehumidifiers eliminate the need for boilers and direct fired burners.  Like all Nyle dehumidifier systems, VHT Series are clean, environmentally responsible, flexible, economical to build and inexpensive to run.  They are easy to start up and shut down and easy to operate as well.

Why burn wood residues that can be sold at profit when drying needs can be met in a simple, clean, green way?

All Nyle dry kiln systems are backed by Nyle’s legendary customer support.