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L300, L500, L1200-S Series

Nyle’s dehumidification drying systems offer a better and more affordable way of drying lumber.

Designed for loads of 2,500 to 35,000 bd. ft, they are easy to use, and they give you precision control over your drying.

You can achieve top quality results and short drying times with incredible efficiency.

LSeries Sales Sheet

Medium Dehumidification Dry Kiln Systems

With Nyle’s dehumidification dryers you can dry your lumber down to 6-8% moisture content for pennies per board foot. That’s because our dryers use 40% to 60% less energy than conventional kilns and when you add in all the costs involved. Nyle kilns are dramatically more cost effective to operate than conventional and even solar kilns. There are many variables in cost and prices but typically the extra profit from the lumber dried by the Nyle L Series dryers pays for the entire investment in months!

Nyle’s L300-L1200S units operate on a high temperature range, 80-160° F, to dry wood faster. And like all Nyle dehumidification units, the L300, L500 and L1200s will set pitch and sterilize.

L Series units include auxiliary heater, circulating fans, controls, prewired electric panel, automatic over-temperature vents and ductwork.

These systems can come with or without the drying chamber, depending on your needs.

The quality features that make Nyle the world leader in lumber drying:

  • Heat Pump technology for maximum energy efficiency: Uses 40% – 60% less energy than conventional kilns
  • Corrosion resistant epoxy coated aluminum cabinets and extra long life, specially coated dehumidification coils
  • Precision control systems with electronic wet bulb/dry bulb controls, wet bulb tray, and wick assembly on standard models.
  • Plus models of our L300, L500 and L1200S come with our NSC100 advanced control system which includes a color touch screen, the ability to use schedules, data logging and monitoring control via a web browser.
  • Famed Nyle customer support

In short, Nyle Dehumidification Kilns are superior to other types of kilns when it comes to operating costs, easy to use precision drying and reliability. To make your own detailed comparison, give us a call.