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The world’s most popular lumber drying system!

L200 Dehumidification Systems will dry up to 4000 board feet of wood.

A choice of controls allows you to select a system you are comfortable with.

Set pitch and sterilize with the L200!

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Quality lumber drying is now affordable and easy to accomplish with Nyle’s new L53.

Whether you are a serious hobbyist or an accomplished professional, the L53 delivers superb results load after load.

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Small Dehumidification Dry Kiln Systems

L 200

The L200 is a compact, high performance dry kiln system. It will dry up to 4000 board feet of 4/4 green oak in approximately 4-5 weeks. It will dry up to 2500 board feet of green softwood in about 1-2 weeks.

L200 units include auxiliary heating, two ¼ hp circulating fans, prewired electric panel, over-temperature vents and operating manual. That’s everything you need to get started except for the chamber itself and we will provide the plans for the chamber.

The operating temperature range for the L53 and L200 is between 70ºF and 120ºF (21ºC – 49ºC) during the drying process. You can set pitch or sterilize with the included auxiliary heater. Additional fans and a power vent system are also available.

There are three control systems available with the L200

L200 standard control system. The traditional L200 has a precise controller which requires just a few minutes of daily monitoring. Controls include a thermostat with remote sensor and compressor timer. This system has been proven in thousands of installations since 1984. The temperature control turns the supplemental heat on and off as needed. It displays both the set point and the actual kiln temperature. The humidity is managed by controlling what percentage of each hour the compressor runs. If the humidity needs to be lowered the compressor operating percentage is increased. This is a simple reliable, time tested system.

L200 M temperature and wet bulb with wood moisture probes. The temperature is controlled just as above but humidity is controlled by a wet bulb thermometer instead of a humidity sensor. Wet bulb is the most accurate way to measure humidity. In addition this controller provides 4 digital readouts of wood moisture content. The system can be set to shut down when all four probes read the target moisture content. This system provides a level of control for thousand less than the cost just a few years ago.


L 53

L53: The L53 is a compact, high performance dehumidification system which will dry between 300 and 1000 board feet of lumber. Like all Nyle dehumidification systems, the L53 is easy on your wood, minimizing degrade and easy on your bank account, minimizing both purchase price and operating costs. Whether you are a serious hobbyist or an accomplished professional, the L53 delivers superb results load after load.

Quality: The L53 is built to last. Extra heavy duty coils are coated to Nyle specifications to prevent them from corrosion. Over three decades of experience have shown us how to achieve the longest life. Our two fans provide circulation to assure even drying. The chassis is 100% corrosion resistant aluminum and our remote controller has been proven in thousands of applications.

Service: Everything in a Nyle dehumidification unit can be replaced. This is not a disposable product. We know that people run even our smaller units well into their second decade and we build them to last. In addition, we offer technical assistance over the phone. The people who build our machines handle service calls so you get the straight talk when you need it.

Value: The new L53 debuts at a price hundreds of dollars less than its predecessor, our original L50. And the new L53 comes with two fans instead of one and a separate control unit instead of a built in control, and kiln vents, everything you need to get going except the chamber.

When it comes to quality, service and value, count on Nyle Systems!